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Greetings Parents and Students!

The 2012-2013 school year is fast approaching and I am very excited to see the SJS Spartan Times come to life this year.  Initially, there had been hope that there could be a two day workshop held at Saint Jerome School for the Spartan Times staff this year.  However, we weren't able to do so.  In order for each staff member to have a basic understanding of journalism prior to our first meeting this year, please view the attached powerpoint.  There are two lessons that explain the very basics of news writing and a few suggestions for practice.  I will also post this on my blog (here is the link).  I ask that you pass this on to other students that applied for the newspaper staff, as not everybody was able to get their contact information to me before the break started.  Again, I look forward to working close with each of you this school year.  This will be an invaluable experience for both you and me.  

Ms. Cordero
8/15/2012 03:27:54 am

this will help me very much


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