This week we will continue our production of our poetry projects.  Students will be sharing their projects starting Thursday.  We will continue our poetry unit in the upcoming weeks and all of our learning will culminate during our poetry cafe in February.  We have been using the computer lab more frequently the last few weeks and I hope that we can continue to utilize it as often.  It is an invaluable resource and truly helps our classroom come to life.  If your child has a laptop and you are comfortable with them bringing it to school, please feel free to send it with them.  They will be able to connect to the internet in class and make sure that their work is always with them.  During our PBL students will have the opportunity to work on their Science Fair Projects.  Any material that they may need should be with them on Tuesdays to facilitate their learning and production of these projects.  Please continue to encourage your students to do their best at school.  Positive encouragement goes a long way in helping students to be accountable and strive for excellence. I have seen an uptick in test scores and positive attitudes in class.  This gives me the confidence that we are on the right track as a team in the education of your children. 

Denita Willoughby
1/22/2013 02:13:39 pm

This is a great way to communicate. Thank you!


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