Last week was an eventful yet short week, this means we are hitting the ground running this week!  This week the junior high students have their Service Hours due as well as their Independent Reading Book Projects.  Both of these were assigned the First day of the Trimester, so each student should have completed their necessary reading and work.  If you are unable to access the information regarding service hours and IRB projects, please contact me directly.  This week the students in the 7th grade will work on their Persuasive Essays.  They will have time in class each morning to complete these assignments, and they will be due Monday March 4th.  Please look over your child's writing, things you notice may be an indicator of where they need additional assistance and focus in the writing process. The 7th grade also has a Unit 11/4 exam on Tuesday that focuses on the use of pronouns.  Please help your child study and review notes.

The 8th grade will finish The giver this week and will continue work on their Utopia Project.  They each have specific jobs within their groups, however presentations and decisions should be made as a group.  Encourage your children to remain on top of their work as to not fall behind.  Group members depend on the efforts of each person. 

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