This information was taken directly from the LMU family of schools newsletter.  Congratulations to Lauryn, Heather, Brandon and Nicholas for having their Haiku poems chosen for the concert.

Tania Fleischer, a professor of music at LMU, and Mike Willis, a School of Education graduate student, taught haiku lessons to four seventh and eighth grade classes at St. Anastasia, Visitation and St. Jerome schools last fall. An exciting collaboration between education graduate students and music faculty created a lesson that mixed rich content knowledge with cutting edge pedagogical techniques. Students created and performed this Japanese style of poetry while learning its background, history and structure.

Students were invited to submit their poems for an upcoming performance – 32 students (out of 400 entrants) were selected to present their poems during the Concerts of Music for Children at LMU. Students will recite their poems accompanied by Baroque-era music from LMU’s music students.

Please join us at Murphy Recital Hall on Sunday, Jan. 22 for two performances (1 p.m. and 3 p.m.) for the concert, which is free and open to the community with reservations required. Please call 310.568.6141 for reservations.

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