After watching these 3 videos try to explain why the commercial or brand might find it beneficial to find a way to fit their product commercial alongside the likeness, name or idea of a Greek God/Goddess.

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Watch the video's and discover how different advertisers try to convince you to purchase their products.  In your notes, comment on how you agree or disagree with the experts commentary after each commercial.

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After you read the examples of questions you should ask yourself about advertisements, watch the three commercials from earlier that use the likeness of the Greek Gods.  Choose one and answer the questions mentioned in the article about asking smart questions before you buy something.
Yonathan Dereje
10/19/2011 01:03:22 am

"Commercial Evaluation"

1) Nike- Its beneficial for Nike because Nike means "victory". Since it means that, Nike will always give you victory on no matter what your doing.

2) FTD- They have the Hermes sign because they want to say that they deliver flowers fast. Hermes is the greek messenger god, he's fast.

3) Camera- They named it Olympus because it means heavens. They use it so it means to them, top of its class/awesome.

Jake Williams
10/19/2011 01:04:48 am

Comercial Evaluation
Companies use Greek mythology as logos depending on their product. Since FTD garunties that their flowers will be delivered fast and unharmed, Hermes would be the perfect logo because he was the Greek messenger god who delivered messages fast and unharmed. Olympus would be a good logo because that would mean that they are at the top rank of all of the other camera companies, just like mount Olympus.
Nike would be a good logo for a shoe company because since Nike was the goddess of victory that would mean that this shoe was the ultimate performance and will make you win. Also, since Michael Jordan is in the comercial and he is a famous basketball player and he was very victorious using Nike's people will think that they will be victorious just like Michael Jordan.

10/19/2011 01:07:50 am

"Commercial Evaluation"
1) Nike- this company might find it beneficial to use the likeness of a Greek god/goddess or Greek Mythology because naming it after a goddess of success would make people want to buy its product. This logo would persuade many people to get its product if it's named after success and victory

2) FTD- this company might find it beneficial to use the likeness of a Greek god/goddess or Greek mythology because Hermes would make people interested in their product is its logo is the winged sandals of Hermes. This would represent great and swift service.

3) Olympus- this company might find it beneficial to use the likeness of a Greek god/goddess or Greek mythology because of the history that Mount Olympus has in Greek mythology. Mount Olympus represents power and also a special place in which the gods/goddesses lived on.

Victor MUunoz
10/19/2011 01:08:30 am

Commercial evaluation

1. Nike- This goes with the Greek name because Nike is the goddess of victory. Nike is trying to convince that using this product will help you become victorious.

2. FTD- This company is very famous for delivering flowers. Just like Hermed he was a messenger that delivered messages.

3. Camera- This company is a famous company for special cameras. Like Eos he is the god of dawn so there is a lot of light involved with both the camera and the goddess.

Nicholas Tramel
10/19/2011 01:12:33 am

"Comercial Evaluation"

I think that Nike used their company name because Nike is the goddess of victory and they think that the name convinces people that their shoes will help give you victory in basketball.

I think FTD used their company name because their flowers get delivered the faster than anyone else.

3)Olympus camera
I think Olympus chose their company name because its lens is so good it can take pictures of anything far and near.

Kiam Tann Jr.
10/19/2011 01:12:43 am

Commercial Edition

1) Nike
It talks about how you never are suppose to fail you always win in everything you do in sports or like running track and they use Nike, the goddess of victory because he always win in thing he does.

2) FTD
Its the fastest flower delivery all over the world and they make it there in like 20 seconds and they use the God Hermes because he is fast at delievery and hes the messenger God.

3) Cannon
It talks about how you can take millions of pictures without worrying about the pictures blurry because it has 100 percent seeing and its a god name.

justin morris
10/19/2011 01:13:06 am

Commercial Evaluation
1. The nike commercial was very interesting. Michael Jordan says that he has miss of 1,100 shots, loss over 300 game, and missed 26 game winning shots. Then at the end he said I have failed a lot in my life but thats why i succeed in life. He said that because in Greek mythology nike means victory.

2.FTD is a service that they use to deliver flowers. There logo has he same person in Greek mythology the is a messenger with wings on his feet. Thats why the company uses he as there logo because they deliver flowers

3.The Olympus commercial to me does not tie into the Greek mythology.

Bernard Amofa
10/19/2011 01:14:40 am

"Commercial Evaluation"
1)Nike-The Nike company use Nike because Nike was a name of a goddess who was known for victory. In there commercial they used Michael Jordan because he had a lot of victory.
2) FTD-The FTD was a flower company that used hermes as their logo because hermes was a flower deliverer and very fast deliverer. This would encourage people to use there company to deliver flowers.
3)Olympus- Olympus was a camera company. They used olympus as their logo because olympus had a lot of power and it would tell the buyer that the camera is a powerful camera.

Haroni Tewolde
10/19/2011 01:14:51 am

"Commercial Evaluation"
Question: Why might the commercial or brand find it beneficial to find a way to fit their product commercial alongside the likeness, name or idea of a Greek God/Goddess.
1.) Nike: I think that the Nike company used there name because it means victory, or to win. Nike is the goddess of victory, and I think it is beneficial for the company to use this name because when playing sports we all want to win. With this title name, they draw customers into "victory" all the time.

2.) FTD: I think that the name FTD implies that we should use there services because they are fast. There flowers are delivered the same day. The greek Olympian Herald is also the Messenger god and this shows there speed in delivery.

3.) Olympus Camera: The Olympus camera implies that they are the top brand in the camera industry. They have high quality cameras for resonable pricing and that is why it is beneficial that they had the name Olympus.

Michael Gonzalez
10/19/2011 08:06:22 am

1- The pepsi commercial is trying to make older people fell good about drink by stirring memories.

2- The levi commercial is trying to say that if you were levi jeans you will be special and cool.

3- The phillip Morris commercial is talking about to watch out for your children's freinds because those teens might push your children to do cigarrets

Tina Hill
10/19/2011 12:35:56 pm

Nike - This is a good name for the shoe company because it means success and victory. So, it persuades you to buy the shoe so you'll feel victorious.
FTD- This is a flower delivering company that makes it suitable just like how Hermes delivered messages.
Olympus - This is a good name since it's a camera that can take photos from near and far with amazing lenses.


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