Here are the prompts for your 5 paragraph essays.  We will go over the handouts as well as the expectations in class.  Papers will be due on Wednesday of next week.  Please utilize peer editing (mom, dad, sister, aunt, etc.) as well as proof reading (you) strategies before formulating your FINAL draft.  This paper will be graded on two levels.  1) Content-did you answer the prompt?  Did you defend your position?  Did you find proof from the text?  2) Conventions- Spelling, grammar, subject-verb agreement, fragments, run-ons.  Please email me if you have questions!

7th Grade prompt:

Pick one story to read from either website.  When you have finished reading decide whether it is a legend or a fairytale, utilizing information from either powerpoint or your notes.  Write a 5 paragraph essay in which you identify 3 aspects of the story you read that explain why your chosen story is a fairytale or a legend. 

8th Grade prompt:
Utilizing information from the lesson on Conflict (revisit the powerpoint on Conflict), decide which type of conflict is more prominent in Flowers for Algernon (man vs. man or man vs. nature).  Identify 3 examples from the text that help prove that this is the predominant type of conflict and explain why they successfully support your decision on conflict. 

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